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Cfp: AJEI – CESSMA International Workshop : “Competition and solidarity networks in contemporary South Asia’s Labour Market”

International Workshop AJEI – CESSMA : “Competition and solidarity networks in contemporary South Asia’s Labour Market”

May 29th 2017 – Paris – Université Paris Diderot

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Hegemonic neo-liberal discourse assumes that free competition on all levels sparks a virtuous cycle of economic growth, which eventually trickles down to poor populations. In reality, empirical work in South Asia has shown that hiring decision-making remains strongly influenced by social representations and personal ties, and is shaped by membership of specific groups. In this context, we propose to look at how social networks shape relations in the diverse South Asian labour markets. 

  • How do new forms of social groupings reconfigure competition and solidarity relations? 
  • What forms of social interactions prevail, emerge and weaken in the market: chosen solidarity and inherited solidarity; inter-caste and intra-caste solidarity; class solidarity; corporate solidarity etc.?
  • How do market structures, which are supposedly more flexible and competitive in the current political frame, evolve and organise in line with social transformations – social heterogeneity, rural and urban social links, caste reconfiguration, and the emergence of the middle class, etc.? 
  • Conversely, how are social structures responding and recomposing in the current context of institutional de-regulation, un-regulation and informalisation?

We invite papers from PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows. They will be discussed by senior researchers specialized in issues related to the paper presented. Proposed papers may be theoretical or empirical, qualitative or quantitative in their approach, but must rely on in-depth knowledge of the issues discussed. Research papers relying on qualitative as well as quantitative studies on historical or contemporary relations in the Indian labour market are welcome.

Timetable :

  • 9 April : abstract submission
  • 17 April : notification of acceptance
  • 10 May : full papers submission
  • All submissions should be sent to

Institutions :

  • AJEI : Association of Young Indian Studies
  • CESSMA : Center for Social Studies on African, American and Asian worlds

Organisers :

  • Yves Marie Rault, Paris Diderot University 
  • Floriane Bolazzi, Paris Diderot University
  • Arnaud Kaba, EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences)

Scientific committee : 

  • Isabelle Guérin, IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development)
  • Véronique Dupont, IRD